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Semi-Precious Stone Items
Carved Products
Soap Stone Products
Mineral & Specimen Gallery
Bone Jewellery
Sterling Silver 925 Jewellery
Healing Products
Sea Shell Products
Glass Bead Jewelry
Metal Jewelry
Velvet Pouches & Boxes
Leather Products
Beads of Various Material




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Beads of Various Material (Newly Added)


(Glass Beads, Wooden Beads, Metal Beads, Bone Beads & Plastic Beads)



 Glass Bead Jewelry  Metal Products  Other Items

We manufacture Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Belt, Scref etc. in many different designs. We have whole range of Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry.

è Glass Bead Products

We manufacture Metal Pendulum, Metal Pendants, Metal KeyChains etc.. in

Silver Finish, Gold Finish  &

Bronze Finish.

èMetal Products

è Natural Arrowhead

è Grape Bunch

è Pendulums

è Velvet Pouch & Boxes

è Leather Coasters

è Cage Necklaces & Sets


 Semi-Precious Stone Products

Tumble Stone

Natural Tumble Stone

Onyx Tumble Stone

Dyed Tumble Stone

Jumbo Natural Tumble

Jumbo Dyed Tumble

Soap Stone Tumble

Fiber Tumble (Synthetic)

StyroFiber Group Tumble

Stone Spheres

Gem Trees

Stone Eggs

Pendants, Key Chains, Pendulums

Rune Symbol Set

Stone Power Bracelet


Chips Necklaces

Bead Necklaces

Tumble Necklaces

Points (Photos Added)

Massage Wands


Onyx Plate

Stone Bowls

Stone Belt

Shivlinghm (Photos Added)

Stone Chips

Rough Stone

Cage Necklaces (New)



 Semi-Precious Stone Articles

Natural Arrowhead (New)

Grape Bunch (New)

Book Ends

Candle Holders

Rock Lamps

Agate Clock

Chips Creepers

Onyx Carving Toys

Photo of Chips Powder

 Semi-Precious Stone
 Carved Products
Carved Buddha
Carved Ganesha
Carved Angle
Carved Animal-Commercial
Carved Animal-Fine

Soap Stone Products

Aroma Lamps, Oil Warmer, Diffusers, Burner & Perfume Burner
Candle Balls & Holders
Soap Dish
Soap Stone Games
GOD Figures
Undercut & Plain Animals
Sand Stone Coaster Set
Soapstone Carved and Inlaid Trinket, Jwellery and Pill Boxes

 Glass Bead Jewelry

Glass Bead Jewelry (New)

 Metal Products

Metal Products (New)

 Sea Shell Products

  We manufacture many different verities in Sea Shell Products. 
Sea Shell Products

 Leather Products

Leather Coasters

 Velvet Pouches & Boxes

Velvet Pouches & Box
 Healing Products

(New Products Added)

We manufacture many healing products like Chakra Healing Stick, Comet Star With Silver Cap, Healing Pair, Healing Tool Pendants, Obelisk, Plate with 9 Pyramid, Points, Pyramid, Pyramid With 9 Pyramid Base, Rune Symbol Set, Shivlingm Star, Shivlingm Two Tone, Spinning Markaba Star With Silver Ring, Rune Wands, Shriyantra etc...

Healing Products
Pendulums (New)

 Minerals & Specimens


We have very large collection and verities of Minerals & Specimens from India as well as from other countries. We have collection like Calcite, Apphopalite, Prehnite, Ruby Crystal, Amethyst & Crystal Cluster etc ... .. ..  

Mineral & Specimen Gallery

 Stone Studded Sterling

 Silver Jewellery

  We manufacture stone studded sterling silver jewellery (925) like Pendants, Earrings, Necklaces & Rings studded with Cabachons or Cut stones. For further information visit below link. 
Sterling Silver 925 Jewellery

 Bone Jewellery

  We manufacture Bone Jewellery like Pendants, Earrings, Necklaces, Belts, Bracelet. For further information visit below link. 
Bone Jewellery


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